I’m side-eyeing this blog as I side-eye all the blogs I start in moments of motivation, keep for weeks, then ignore until they decay into obscurity, since nothing actually decays on the internet unless it becomes un-viewed, outdated, and irrelevant. The motivation for this latest attempt is a syllabus for an online class in my MFA program, which I’ve just started. Good, I thought. Another round of obsessing over fonts and headers, writing passionately about things and then getting nervous that I got too carried away and too intimate with my anonymous audience, then chopping down those posts until they are blandly obscured or gone completely.

I have a handful of Tumblr accounts that are mostly blank. I think I’ll use one of them to post the visual and audial things that inspire me, and leave this one for the word people. You know who you are.

If you want to look at weird and pretty things instead of reading all these boring words, you can find that blog at


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