Inventory / What Remains:

1 (one) Book of the Latitude, inside a brown paper slip embossed with a now-broken black waxen seal bearing an imprint of the Society’s logo, first page signed by the Professor

1 (one) mid-sized Maglite flashlight, black, with a keychain tag reading “Please return at the Den Arcadia” and again, the Society’s logo

1 (one) empty bottle, whose fading label reads: “Season of Akhet Spirit Distilled from the waters of the Twin Rivers: Topaz Lethe and Amber Mnemosine” and smaller: “Bottled in Bond by and for the House of the Latitude, Delphi Indianna” and smaller, still: “HEXA AZURE 5186.” Smells faintly still of Bourbon, Averna Amaro, Creole Shrubb and bitters, though any scent is fading fast

1 (one) handful of teeth

10 (ten) claim tickets with locker numbers 1-8 and their lock combinations. On each, the instructions “Now follow the instructions on the inside of the cubby door to your left.”

1 (one) corked vial of hypoallergenic Canadian cave sand, white, very fine

7 (seven) invitation cards, each with unique index string, each a key

1 (one) small stick of Palo Santo, not yet burned


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