Directions for this Blog

It’s been a big move for me to start writing semi-regularly in a blog. Sometimes, though, I think I write myself into a corner by divulging really personal, inner thoughts and feelings, and then as a result feeling that I can’t share anything about my outer self for fear of being identified or judged.

Originally, I wanted a place I could post actual, long-form writing, whether it was excerpts from something I am working on, or essays that I want to write but don’t otherwise have the platform on which to do so, but I think this page is lacking a lot. I tend to ramble, and I recognize that not a lot of people are very interested by rambles about depression and inner workings of a person who they don’t know and can’t really get to know. Part of the reason those lifestyle blogs really work well and have large readerships is that, I think, they are ways of getting to know a person through accessible means.

I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate some more public-facing aspects of my life into this blog, to flesh it out and give it more dimension, without it being shallow or overly exposing. Looking through other writers’ blogs is a good way to do this, I realize. Playing with layout and adding more images is another one. Maybe narrowing my focus in terms of themes and topics is a good idea too. Ultimately, I want to maintain the courage to write honestly about some of the difficult topics in my life, but I don’t want to bore or scare away potential readers.

Off to browse blogs.


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